A Parisian cat

There was no shortage of jokes about looking after Parisian cats prior to this sit: “Won’t they be horribly arrogant?” But Charmaine’s household was nothing like that at all, in fact they made me feel very welcome. I arrived at their flat at 9.30 in the evening and it looked as if a bomb had just exploded! Charmaine explained she still had to tidy up as well as pack her bags for her upcoming trip. Meanwhile, she welcomed and entertained me. This was the moment I had dreaded beforehand: being knackered and having to speak French after not having done so for quite a while… Much to my relief, she was quite a chatterbox, which suited me just fine after a long day of hard work followed by a train journey. She made it easy for me to get accustomed to the French language again.  

“Luigi is special,” she said about her youngest cat. Personally, I find all cats exquisite, so I’m not automatically impressed if somebody makes such a statement. Especially if this person is the owner! But to start with, Luigi was a very sociable cat. His flat mate Polochon was more the solitary type, so she was of no use to him. Perhaps that’s why he was aiming his attention towards the humans present. Quite often, he’d come and ask for some fuss, or evenings he’d often be sitting on my lap or right beside me. 

Side by side

Luigi was quite good at communicating his needs. Now I know more cats can do that, and often it’s not rocket science to understand what the cat wants: a healthy appetite quickly leads to a meow. But this boy was still a kid, he hadn’t been ‘helped’ yet and he definitely needed his time outdoors. That lead to him hanging around the front door until I had gotten the message and helped him to go outside. Meant to keep burglars outside, this was a track that was probably if not certainly impossible for a cat to cover all by himself. Step 1: opening the door of the flat towards the communal hall. Step 2: opening the door towards the stairwell, leading towards the ground floor. Step 3: opening the door to the central hall of the building. Step 4: opening the door towards the inner garden (the complex consisted of two buildings. All the while, he walked by my side, waiting patiently each time another door was opened for him! Once downstairs, he meowed as if saying goodbye, and then disappeared into the garden. 

It was a cold period in the month of February and I was a little bit worried if Luigi would be home in time for dark! “Don’t worry,” Charmaine said, “he’ll always find a place to shelter from the cold”. She was more worried about him being able to defend himself against the other outdoor cats! And almost every time I passed the inner garden, he would be there!
Until that time that he wasn’t. He wouldn’t respond to my calling him, and even rambling his bowl with biscuits wouldn’t help. Time and time again I walked towards the window to see if I could spot him downstairs, or if could catch his attention by calling his name. Finally, he showed up, right before dark. Happily, he followed me up the stairs, thankfully starting his evening meal. 

Luigi in the snow

At one of my last days there was a strange smell around the house. I feared the worse, but couldn’t detect the cause. Nevertheless, I cleaned thoroughly but to no avail: the bad smell was lingering. While sitting on the couch in the evening, I found out the cause. The cushion that Luigi had been lying on so comfortably time and time again was soaked! Apparently, he had peed on the sofa… The cushion left the house indefinitely and I was quite grateful there was a plasticized cover around the matrass on the sofa bed. Charmaine was all apologetic: “He urgently needs his operation, I’ve been postponing it…”.

On my last day, Luigi was still outside in the garden when I had to leave the flat in order to catch my train back home. His owner wouldn’t be home until the next day. This time, Luigi would have to spend the night outside!

A small imperfection

At first glance, I saw nothing but beauty. Jackson was indeed a gorgeous long-haired ginger tomcat, that would immediately remind you of a miniature lion. It seemed to me, he was staring at me in a defying manner.
Originating from Doha, Qatar he had ended up in the French Pyrenees with his owner. He wasn’t very kind to the two girls in the household of nine cats, Cassie and Izzie. Cassie couldn’t stand the sight of him. In spite of her fear she would hiss at him angrily as soon as she spotted him. As soon as she hissed, I knew Jackson was near. I’d only have to turn my head to make sure of that. He’d have the same blank expression as usual. No idea what he was saying without making a sound. Undoubtedly, it wasn’t very nice..

In spite of his tough appearance, it turned out he was after all sensitive to attention and affection. It didn’t happen very often he would approach me for some fuss, but he would surely enjoy it if he would receive it. To keep his lion mane tamed, and to prevent the filter of the hoover to get clogged with cat hairs, he’d receive a daily brushing. It was quite clear it made him weak at the knees; he would tell me so by purring like there was no tomorrow!He was finally exposed in my view when I was being confronted with one of his imperfections. While I was reading, he jumped on the kitchen table in front of me. Jackson always knew accurately when diner time was approaching and he would make sure to be close! While he was walking past me towards the window sill, from where he could overlook the whole kitchen, I saw it. In the fur on his bum,close to his anus, a chunk of dried poop was hanging. It looked like he hadn’t been able to reach there while grooming his mane….


Tombili’s picture, where he can be seen leaning on the curb like a boss, is world famous. She fits perfectly in the Istanbul’ street scene, except for the fact we’re looking at a cat here instead of a human. Many edited photo’s have been made, among others of Tombili with a glass of Turkish tea handy.
After the popular street cat’s death a few years back, a petition was started and signed by 17.000 people: they wanted and got a Tombili statue at the spot her famous photo was once taken. Not for long though, as it was stolen shortly after. Once again it turned out how popular the cat was: a lot of buzz was created on the internet. The action was widely condemned: “What are they planning to do with it; put it on their mantle piece?”
Perhaps the perpetrator was impressed with all the attention, or possibly it caused him to feel guilty. Within days after the disappearance the statued of the beloved cat was back at its spot.
From a reliable source I heard the statue is gone again, and this time indefinitely. The reason is unclear. Tombili’s image however will be forever seared into our memory.

Istanbul's Most Famous Cat Honored With Its Own Statue At Its Favorite Spot


More often than not, I say goodbye to the cats I have looked after with a sense of sadness: as if I will miss them… Sometimes the sit has been too short to establish a bond. It’s mainly after having spent more time with a cat that this sentiment is often catching me off guard. Especially if said animals appear to like humans and are looking for my company. By sitting on my lap, or right next to me on the couch, by waiting me up behind the door when I arrive home in the evening, or me meowing at me whenever they need something. Food, to play, some attention, it doesn’t really matter. 

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-atribuut; de bestandsnaam is 753841FA-8AE5-4A6E-938C-45392103E77B_1_201_a.jpeg
Saying goodbye

But as a teacher with over twenty years of experience in bidding farewell each year, I’ve been around the block a few times! The parting with the very first class I ever taught is seared into my brain. Two little boys carrying a plant larger than themselves to offer to me, it made my eyes brim with tears. It was first as well as the last time this ever happened to me. After all, no matter how great a class and a year was, there will always be a new one, with all of its pro’s and con’s.  It’s the same with cats. However cute and fun they may have been, all of the cats I sat had plenty of food to eat and a warm spot to sleep. Thanks to their owners.
And I, I will always find another cat to sit and to love… So many kitties, so little time! 

Big Boy

My host had three cats, each of them strays from Dubai itself. The one that stuck in my memory the most. He was part of the small group of cats that was being fed in the front garden twice a day. He was larger than all the others and looked quite dreadful! 
A couple of other cats, usually to be found right outside the compound, were among her protégées. Under the watchful eyes of the security staff they were being fed twice a day as well. Upfront, I’d been given instructions to pretend not to understand them if they would try to keep me from feeding the strays. But they never said a thing. Though I imagined to hear them say to one another: “They must be crazy, those expats!”

Big Boy

The big tomcat from the front garden I named – appropriately so – Big Boy. After all, that was exactly the way he looked, with his strong, muscled body, his pronounced rear and his broad, robust head with one battered ear. He was there for the food – nothing more – and usually seemed to give me the evil eye. The other guests, all ladies, liked a bit of fuss as well! Food and drink came first, but there were no objections against some patting. The purring usually sounded ear-splitting, though Big Boy never participated in it. Nevertheless, I suspect he partially liked the attention. A tender soul was hidden underneath his rough exterior, as he always let the ladies go first at feeding time. As if he was taking care of them. In my turn, I’d make sure there would be enough left for this big boy. 
While he was eating, I permitted myself to give him a quick stroke once or twice. Not very nice, but I couldn’t resist. He didn’t walk off at that moment, though I could feel the resistance. His fur felt rough and rigid under my hands, a bit as if he was touched for the first time in his life. It felt wrong, so I stopped myself. It was the right thing to do. Perhaps he could have gotten used to the attention, but frankly; the chance was so much bigger that he would have walked off after finishing his bowl! 

On the couch with a rabbit

The first time I met Griet at the flat where she lived with her owners, I instantly felt very happy. The flat was not only spacious and tastefully decorated, there was also a rabbit cheerfully hopping up and down.
As she was home alone for the largest part of the day, Griet had her own room. It had a cage in it, a litter, bowls with biscuits and fresh vegetables and herb plants to nibble from at her heart’s desire. The first thing her owners did when they got home from work at the end of the day, was to open the door to Griet’s room wide. It seemed to me she was usually asleep at that time, as it always lasted a while until she appeared. The litter with pellets and straw was removed to the open kitchen for easy access. It turned out this bunny was largely potty-trained; barely any rabbit droppings to be found!
This way, she was an eye-catching part of the household!

Griet appreciates a good book

Obviously, a rabbit is not a cat, so I had to get used to my new companionship. The latter tend to be a bit more vocal in their communication. The question-and-answer game I often play with the cats I sit, was ofcourse an impossibility for Griet. But at the same time, not all cats are as accessible as this snuggle bunny. All contact came into being on her terms. But as regular as clockwork, I’d be sitting on the couch with a bunny right next to me! She’d be choosing her seat and according to the distance she kept, I’d be able to work out if she wanted some fuss or not. Sometimes she’d be at the other end of the couch, at other times right next to me.

It's a man's world

At first glance, I felt sorry for Cassie. She misses one eye and the spot where the eye once used to be still looks fiery, as if it’s permanently irritated. Her owner lets me know she has been doing so much better since the amputation though. It was unavoidable, because of a tumor. So her owner thinks I shouldn’t feel sorry for her, but happy. Cassie has been so much better since the operation!

Cassie’s spot

Cassie is perhaps the least approachable among the nine cats in this household. Mostly she turns her back on me when I try to approach her. Her favourite hangout is a carton box filled up with a soft cushion, on the far end of the dining room table. Cassie seems to hate the disproportionately represented male part of the household: six out of nine. She prefers to ignore and avoid them. But there’s one among them that knows how to push all of her buttons, and that’s Jackson. He’s a stunning looking gib, a ginger with a lion mane. There’s one thing that he’s not though and that’s a pussy cat..
Jackson’s trying to keep little Boris under his thumb. So far, it’s a draw as the Benjamin of the family seems to enjoy the attention and is turning it into a game of cat and mouse. But Cassie just as well as Izzie can’t seem to stand him. It happens regularly that either one of the ladies starts hissing without apparent reason. Without exception, I only need to turn my head to see Jackson sitting quite close, playing innocent. It makes me wonder what he’s saying, without making a sound! 

Jackson: “Who? Me?”

It seems to me, Cassie is suffering more that Izzie under the male overpopulation. One time while hoovering, I find a dried-up pile of cat dropping under the dining room table. As it’s close to her favourite spot, I immediately suspect her. Owner Louise is confirming this. Her theory is, that because during the winter months the cats prefer to stay indoors more, the males are in her comfort zone much more often than usual. Or put differently: if she would encounter one of the boys trying to reach the litter, she might possibly not be able to make it in time. A big turd by Jackson hidden in the litterbox was another plausible explanation for her doing it on the carpet…


I’m looking after Oscar again, the cat who meows an awful lot. At least in my perception! The first time around, I was quite worried that he missed his owner and felt lonely. After all, the evening of her return, she sent me a photo of the two of them, nice and cosy on the couch. He hadn’t left her side. 
By now, I’m convinced he also knows quite well what he wants: he wants food. His owner doesn’t want her cat to be fat, so she has put him on a diet. Oscar finishes each meal at the speed of light! It seems to me he’s not satisfied, as he’s meowing piteously shortly after having finished his meal. In case of doubt about his intentions: as soon as I get up from my seat, he runs for the kitchen. If I don’t follow, he seems to come and meet me halfway. He stares at me intently and meows loudly. This cyclus repeats itself and Oscar holds out for quite a bit. His owner admits he’s slightly obsessed with food, but apparently this is less of an issue when she’s around. Perhaps he’s worrying if he’ll get his next meal from his sitter? 

As I feel for poor Oscar, I can’t get the issue off my mind. In spite of not having the illusion of resolving it within the long weekend I’m looking after him, I’ve become quite curious and start reading about it. Having been with his owner since he was a kitten, having suffered from under-nourishment can be ruled out. A diet can be a plausible reason for begging. Proportioning food, so that it can’t be gobbled up at once is mentioned as a solution.This brings me to an idea for a present for Oscar next time I’ll be sitting him: a food puzzle will keep him occupied and apparently it will lead him to feel satisfied more quickly. Just imagine a stack of containers, each divided into separate compartments. Lids can make the puzzle harder if needed. 

Source: www.praktijkvoorkattengedrag.nl

For now, I can only apply the most important rule in case of begging: to make sure I’m able to ignore it.

A cat in the night

Black Pepper, or Kara Biber in Turkish, his mother tongue, owed his name to his jet-black fur. I got to know him as a very loving cat. He was quite good at purring and was always ready for a bit of fuss: cuddling up to me, some scratching in the neck. It was quite clear though, that he was getting a bit older… From a distance, one would spot that gorgeous jet-black fur, from up close he was starting to look a bit scruffy. It appeared more dull and less well-groomed. 

But without the shadow of a doubt he could cuddle with the best of them! Whenever I would leave the bedroom door ajar at night, he would be the first cat in the household of nine felines to discover. Little Yeter would settle for a small corner at the foot end of the bed; you wouldn’t even notice she was there. But not Black Pepper! 
One night I felt him cozying up to the length of my spine. He appeared to long for closeness. It was a – in the spirit of Black Pepper – totally loving gesture. Nevertheless he managed to spoil the momentum. Caught up by his self-indulgence he slowly began to stretch his paws, making pumping motions with his nails. Straight into my back.

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-atribuut; de bestandsnaam is fullsizeoutput_11cd.jpeg
Black Pepper is leaving the room…

I will never forget the startled expression on his face when I chased him out of the bedroom! From that moment on, I always left the bedroom door closed at night.

The year of the cat

Unfortunately, this song text has very little to do with cats! Al Stewart serenades a big love that he seemingly experienced during the year of the cat. Part of his inspiration, he clearly gets from the movie Casablanca, by referring to Bogart, Lorre and the woman of his dreams.
But what does the year of the cat stand for? After all, in Chinese astrology there is no such thing as a year of the cat! Al Stewart finally unveiled the mystery in Royal Albert Hall in London in 2015. While he was working on new material, his girlfriend was involved in Vietnamese astrology. One fine day, a book open on the table displayed a page mentioning “The Year of the Cat”. About that moment, Al Stewart says: “I don’t know a whole lot about a whole lot of things but I recognize a song title when I see one and that was a song title”. Fact is, the title was there before the rest of the song. As popmusic generally is not about cats, the theme of the lyrics is… love. In the year of the cat!

Great live version of The Year of the Cat