“A cat or no cat; that is the question”

Some people have a thing with babies, cats have that effect on me instead. They’re extremely cute in my eyes and they make my oxytocin run wild. Do I wish to have a fluffy four-legged friend at home? Not fulltime, I’m afraid.

A few years ago, I wanted to take a trip. My finances made me doubt whether or not this was a good idea. So, I got creative and started thinking about looking after other people’s houses and pets for the first time. It was bulls’ eye: house sitting has brought me places I would have otherwise never been and as an added bonus I get to hang out with cats!
It all started with cat sitting close to home. Ever since I started working as a teacher I’ve commuted. In spite of a considerable travel time on top of my working hours I’ve never considered moving. Instead I thought it a good idea to start cat sitting close to work. It felt like a mini break, not having to sit in public transport for hours, even if only for a few days.

Travels further away from home soon followed. Cat sitting brought me to a variety of places in the world. Flexibility is key, as I’m restricted to school breaks and therefore cannot accept any sit I’d like. However, whenever I can and wish to leave, all I need to do is find out who needs a sitter someplace in the world.

Not a care in the world, as long as there is a balance between offer and demand!

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