What’s the matter, Poesje Paris?

What’s the matter with Poesje Paris? Usually she’s the reserved type, who doesn’t pay much attention to me and doesn’t care much for fuss. My outstretched hand is being sniffed and then ignored most of the time. If that same hand incidentally ends up at her head, she makes herself scarce.
But this time around, she’s hanging around in my vicinity a bit more often than usually. I’m asking myself if she’s perhaps hungry, which is not very likely as it is still morning and it hasn’t been that long since breakfast… 
Then I get a scare: above one eye, I see a wound. It’s tiny, but it’s there. Then I get another scare: right above the other eye there’s an identical spot. Quickly I send a message with a photo to her owner to find out if they have ever noticed anything similar before. They’re abroad, but I hope that they’ll soon respond. Unconcerned, I leave the house at the end of the morning.

When I return home later that day, I get the heebie-jeebies: the fiery-looking spots have doubled in size! As I feel responsible for the well-being of these kitties, I notice I start feeling worried: I have no idea what to do… A quick Google search leads me to believe this is a case of allergy. Not being a vet, I’m not entirely sure so I start a hunt. In a drawer with cat related stuff, I find a tube of ointment in the name of Poesje Paris. But how to apply this on an unwilling kitty? She’s not a very forthcoming cat in her best days, and the spots look rather painful… Clumsily, I try to hold her. It doesn’t take long for her to scratch me and run for it! Each time after that I come close to her, she’s immediately on her guard. With that, it seems wise to me to leave her alone until I know absolutely sure what’s best.

Not having been able to connect with her owners, I decide to call up the vet. It’s a regional veterinary office, as it’s the weekend. The friendly assistant I get to speak to helps me determine if this is a genuine emergency. She has two recommendations for me: Firstly, speak to the owners to find out more about this condition. Secondly, keep a close watch on her behavior to see if there’s any changed behavioural patterns. 
Quickly I realise it’s about feeding time again! The best possible moment of the day to decide if there’s question of an emergency at all. The outcome is positive: as usual, it doesn’t take Poesje Paris long to gobble up her bowl of food!

When I get to speak to her owner, she manages to put my mind at rest. It’s indeed not the first time these wounds have surfaced and treatment is not easy if you’re on your own. One person needs to hold this quirky lady, while the other applies the ointment. Unfortunately, as soon as it’s applied she’ll lick it right off again. So, a recovery collar is definitely needed. 
For the rest of the weekend, I can’t shake of a feeling of worry. I only partly get consolation from her owner’s words: just keep a close eye on her, we’ll take her to the vet some time during the week. It’s only when I get the message that it was indeed a matter of allergy, that has been resolved with an injection and a diet. Poesje Paris is fine again.

2 thoughts on “What’s the matter, Poesje Paris?

  1. I’ve faced myself problems with one of the 4cats i was in charge in Spain last may. The owner was in Turquey. I contacted her to tell that a cat was vomiting. I had called only after 2days and asked who was the vet and how could I take the kittie there (no box, no collar, no leash). I’ve got a furious answer “you want to go to the vet because she vomits ?” the owner was against médications, she was vegan and called herself a shaman (…) She thought I was insane and reproached me to have spoilt her holidays with my anxiety…
    Another cat had vanished for 4days and i thought it was normal to tell her. What a mistake…

    1. Don’t think it’s a mistake. Everyone I have encountered so far appreciate being kept updated about their cat’s well-being. Just a stroke of bad luck, I’m sure..

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