Up on the roof

Bike in hand, I am ready to leave to run errands. After opening and closing the gate again, I’ll be off. Until my eyes catch Loesje’s. She’s standing on the roof of the house extension and gazes at me penetratingly. 
I know what she wants, so I give her an encouraging smile and talk gently to her. “Come on girl, you can do it! You got on that roof so you should be able to get back down again. I’ll give you a treat when I return!” And with those words I take off, not looking back once as I actually have a very soft heart. Especially for gorgeous black and whites with transparent whiskers that glint in the autumn sun.
Loesje’s owner says that she’s a princess. “She wants you to go up to the first floor and open the balcony doors, so that she doesn’t have to jump down. She’s such a drama queen!” I do think of Loesje on the roof while running my errands.

Upon return, Loesje’s still there, on the extension roof and it seems to me she’s shooting reproachful glances at me…

Later, much later, I get notice Loesje’s developed arthrosys…

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