This is the second time I’m cat sitting Ron. The first time was about a year ago, only for a weekend. This time around his owners are travelling for two weeks. 
Initially, I get to see the same cat as back then. Or better said: no cat. He’s softly meowing behind the door when I put the key in the lock, but is disappeared before I enter. Usually I find him staring at me from underneath the dinner table with startled eyes. He doesn’t seem to trust the situation at all.
It’s quiet clear Ron is no friend to all people, but he gets all the time he needs from me to get to know me properly. He doesn’t seem very interested though. Eventually, it does take some time before I get to see a whole different kitty. This new cat doesn’t only meow loud and clear as soon as I open the front door, he also waits for me to greet me. He meows, purrs and asks for attention. The largest part of the time spent at the house, he stays right next to me. At first, next to me on the couch, later on increasingly and for longer periods on my lap. 

Ron is a gorgeous cat, without a shadow of a doubt. His beautiful fur needs daily brushing; he seems to merely endure it. Along the way, I learn how to brush him in a manner that is as pleasant as possible for him: by detangling the knots without pulling them too hard. As soon as I’ve mastered that trick, he clearly enjoys the treatment! The chest goes down and the rear goes up! In the end, I’m fed up with the brushings long before he is. 

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