Puss In Boots

After enjoying the movie Shrek quite a lot, I possibly liked Shrek 2 even better. The reason why? Without a shadow of a doubt thanks to the character Puss In Boots being introduced. Never did I see anyone – not even a cat – metamorphose as fast as this seemingly touching little guy.

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After Shrek and princess Fiona have found one another and have even gotten hitched, nothing seems to be in the way of their marital bliss. That is, until it’s time to meet the inlaws! While Darling daughter is still being welcomed with open arms, her man of choice is being treated with distrust, perhaps even hostility. After all, they had a different man in mind: Prince Charming.

After Puss In Boots enters the scene as a potential hitman to get rid of the ogre, the situation is resolved by a raging hairball, one of the funniest scenes in the movie. Eventually, Shrek and Puss become allies; together they save Fiona from the greedy hands of Prince Charming, who turns out not to be as charming as thought. Needless to say there’s a positive ending to the story: Happily Ever After.

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