A comfortable position

Pirate and Poppet had a long journey behind them: from faraway Shanghai, they ended up in Switzerland. Thanks to being adopted by their owner they were surely saved from an uncertain fate. Ever since, their futures looked so much brighter. Whereas back in the days they had to roam the streets of Shanghai to fend for themselves, they now were offered a tin of wet food twice a day against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps. 


When I was a cat owner myself back in the days, the vet told me biscuits offer cats all they need, so I was a bit surprised about their diet. Unfortunately, Pirate had little other food options. Roughing it in Shanghai’s back alleys had left him with no more than four teeth. Nevertheless, he ate his food with lots of gusto. As soon as diner was being served, he would gobble it up in no time. It would require me to pay close attention to what would happen next as he would easily eat his sister’s portion as well if given the opportunity! She was a little less focused on food, and definitely had an easier time eating biscuits, that were always readily available. Poppet would incidentally graze on them as well, but it was quite clear that it wasn’t without effort!

Pirated was given his name for a good reason. The tough street life had not only left him with a fraction of his dentition, he was also blind on one eye. All this gave him an endearing appearance, which – I suspect – he used to the fullest extent. As soon as he noticed that I’d sat down on the sofa, he would come to keep me company. In spite of generally regarding cat hairs on clothes as an accessory, white cat hairs can seem a bit over the top. So sometimes I would try to keep him off! This cuddle bug wouldn’t take no for an answer, but kept searching for an opportunity. As soon as he had found it, he obviously felt at home and enjoyed his excellent vantage point to the fullest. 

cuddle bug

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