It’s a man’s world

At first glance, I felt sorry for Cassie. She misses one eye and the spot where the eye once used to be still looks fiery, as if it’s permanently irritated. Her owner lets me know she has been doing so much better since the amputation though. It was unavoidable, because of a tumor. So her owner thinks I shouldn’t feel sorry for her, but happy. Cassie has been so much better since the operation!

Cassie’s spot

Cassie is perhaps the least approachable among the nine cats in this household. Mostly she turns her back on me when I try to approach her. Her favourite hangout is a carton box filled up with a soft cushion, on the far end of the dining room table. Cassie seems to hate the disproportionately represented male part of the household: six out of nine. She prefers to ignore and avoid them. But there’s one among them that knows how to push all of her buttons, and that’s Jackson. He’s a stunning looking gib, a ginger with a lion mane. There’s one thing that he’s not though and that’s a pussy cat..
Jackson’s trying to keep little Boris under his thumb. So far, it’s a draw as the Benjamin of the family seems to enjoy the attention and is turning it into a game of cat and mouse. But Cassie just as well as Izzie can’t seem to stand him. It happens regularly that either one of the ladies starts hissing without apparent reason. Without exception, I only need to turn my head to see Jackson sitting quite close, playing innocent. It makes me wonder what he’s saying, without making a sound! 

Jackson: “Who? Me?”

It seems to me, Cassie is suffering more that Izzie under the male overpopulation. One time while hoovering, I find a dried-up pile of cat dropping under the dining room table. As it’s close to her favourite spot, I immediately suspect her. Owner Louise is confirming this. Her theory is, that because during the winter months the cats prefer to stay indoors more, the males are in her comfort zone much more often than usual. Or put differently: if she would encounter one of the boys trying to reach the litter, she might possibly not be able to make it in time. A big turd by Jackson hidden in the litterbox was another plausible explanation for her doing it on the carpet…

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