On the couch with a rabbit

The first time I met Griet at the flat where she lived with her owners, I instantly felt very happy. The flat was not only spacious and tastefully decorated, there was also a rabbit cheerfully hopping up and down.
As she was home alone for the largest part of the day, Griet had her own room. It had a cage in it, a litter, bowls with biscuits and fresh vegetables and herb plants to nibble from at her heart’s desire. The first thing her owners did when they got home from work at the end of the day, was to open the door to Griet’s room wide. It seemed to me she was usually asleep at that time, as it always lasted a while until she appeared. The litter with pellets and straw was removed to the open kitchen for easy access. It turned out this bunny was largely potty-trained; barely any rabbit droppings to be found!
This way, she was an eye-catching part of the household!

Griet appreciates a good book

Obviously, a rabbit is not a cat, so I had to get used to my new companionship. The latter tend to be a bit more vocal in their communication. The question-and-answer game I often play with the cats I sit, was ofcourse an impossibility for Griet. But at the same time, not all cats are as accessible as this snuggle bunny. All contact came into being on her terms. But as regular as clockwork, I’d be sitting on the couch with a bunny right next to me! She’d be choosing her seat and according to the distance she kept, I’d be able to work out if she wanted some fuss or not. Sometimes she’d be at the other end of the couch, at other times right next to me.

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