Tombili’s picture, where he can be seen leaning on the curb like a boss, is world famous. She fits perfectly in the Istanbul’ street scene, except for the fact we’re looking at a cat here instead of a human. Many edited photo’s have been made, among others of Tombili with a glass of Turkish tea handy.
After the popular street cat’s death a few years back, a petition was started and signed by 17.000 people: they wanted and got a Tombili statue at the spot her famous photo was once taken. Not for long though, as it was stolen shortly after. Once again it turned out how popular the cat was: a lot of buzz was created on the internet. The action was widely condemned: “What are they planning to do with it; put it on their mantle piece?”
Perhaps the perpetrator was impressed with all the attention, or possibly it caused him to feel guilty. Within days after the disappearance the statued of the beloved cat was back at its spot.
From a reliable source I heard the statue is gone again, and this time indefinitely. The reason is unclear. Tombili’s image however will be forever seared into our memory.

Istanbul's Most Famous Cat Honored With Its Own Statue At Its Favorite Spot

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