A small imperfection

At first glance, I saw nothing but beauty. Jackson was indeed a gorgeous long-haired ginger tomcat, that would immediately remind you of a miniature lion. It seemed to me, he was staring at me in a defying manner.
Originating from Doha, Qatar he had ended up in the French Pyrenees with his owner. He wasn’t very kind to the two girls in the household of nine cats, Cassie and Izzie. Cassie couldn’t stand the sight of him. In spite of her fear she would hiss at him angrily as soon as she spotted him. As soon as she hissed, I knew Jackson was near. I’d only have to turn my head to make sure of that. He’d have the same blank expression as usual. No idea what he was saying without making a sound. Undoubtedly, it wasn’t very nice..

In spite of his tough appearance, it turned out he was after all sensitive to attention and affection. It didn’t happen very often he would approach me for some fuss, but he would surely enjoy it if he would receive it. To keep his lion mane tamed, and to prevent the filter of the hoover to get clogged with cat hairs, he’d receive a daily brushing. It was quite clear it made him weak at the knees; he would tell me so by purring like there was no tomorrow!He was finally exposed in my view when I was being confronted with one of his imperfections. While I was reading, he jumped on the kitchen table in front of me. Jackson always knew accurately when diner time was approaching and he would make sure to be close! While he was walking past me towards the window sill, from where he could overlook the whole kitchen, I saw it. In the fur on his bum,close to his anus, a chunk of dried poop was hanging. It looked like he hadn’t been able to reach there while grooming his mane….

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