He loves me, he loves me not

If Loca loves me or not is unclear to me!
He sure isn’t shy, at the first acquaintance he sniffed my hand without reservations, only to walk on, taking his sweet time. His attitude was exactly the opposite of housemate Izzy’s. Upon my arrival, she had already hidden under her owners’ duvet, startled by the awful sound of the doorbell ringing. In spite of showing herself once or twice before, she wouldn’t come near to me within the first couple of days of the sit. After that, she turned out to be one of the cuddliest cats since ages! 

Loca would never ask for attention, although his owners claimed he was at least as big a cuddle bug as Izzy! Except for the early morning, when he knew he’d be getting his wet food. Initially, I was woken up by his shrill meowing right next to my ear at the crack of dawn, which caused me to keep the bedroom door closed after that experience. But as soon as I opened the door, I was getting the warmest welcome of the day. 
Seldom did I hear a cat purr as loudly as Loca! The sound continued as I scooped the ‘soups’ they were served for breakfast into their bowls. It only stopped after he had eaten the last bit of the mixture. I have no evidence of this, as I left the cats alone while they ate, but I suspect he also ate what his girlfriend Izzy left in her bowl.

After breakfast however, the love was gone, up until the end of the day: at diner time it was back again! Unfortunately, it seemed as if he didn’t care for me that much. Outside of feeding hours, he didn’t even seem to be able to stand my presence! 
He never asked for attention. Stroking him twice was a record! His fur felt rough under my fingers, as if he wanted to discourage the mere thought of stroking him. And sometimes, he would even jump up as if stung by a bee! He’d leave me behind, granting me nothing but a scornful look!

I should have known better: what the cat doesn’t want, he doesn’t want. Love cannot be forced! 

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